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Meet Your Publishers: Kristin

Kristin Bergene - July 2013Name: Kristin Bergene

Age: 25

Hometown: Cooperstown, New York

Color: Light blue, but also tangerine orange …

Books: This has always been the hardest question for me to answer. I will read anything, any genre, as long as there is a storyline that keeps me engaged, themes I can empathize with and fully realized characters. My absolute favorite books are ones that grow with you, such as The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Food: Seafood. If it comes from water, I will eat it and I will probably love it. 

Dessert: Like my partner Jess, Chocolate mousse.

Coffee: Coffee in the morning. Tea in the afternoon.

Vehicle: Right now I’ve got myself an adorable, silver Ford Focus. My next car, with hope, will be a new designed Ford Fusion. However, my dream car is a Range Rover. Tan. Yum.

Vision: What could a young professional want from a self-started business, co-founded and co-run with one of her closest colleagues? To be our own bosses. To take the responsibility of our careers, development and experience into our own hands. To learn our field from the ground up and use all the mistakes and successes to become well-rounded publishers. With River Ram Press, I want a create a flexible and sustainable business in this new digital industry. Steady and cautious decisions to make each step count.

I want River Ram Press to embrace how small the world is becoming as we connect with colleagues in key positions internationally. To set up our company under the trusted leadership of these colleagues as we open our markets. Toronto and New York today, London and Paris tomorrow, and I want to move with our progress every step of the way.

My vision of River Ram Press is about a youthful, entrepreneurial and international energy.

xx, Kristin 

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