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Submitting to River Ram Press: Post 1

So we bet you want to know how you can submit to River Ram Press (especially all those nifty little hints and tips that will make us want to read your manuscript over someone else’s).

As an author focussed publishing house we want to help you get your manuscript ready to be seen by the people who will (hopefully) help you see your name in print one day.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing weekly blog posts that will discuss everything from the dreaded query letters to the correct way to format your manuscript so you won’t be relegated to the reject pile before your excellent first chapter has even received a cursory glance.

In this blog post, we are going to get you started by posting RRP’s submission guidelines and clarifying them where we can.

  1. Here at RRP we ask for a query letter (more on how to write one of these next week) and the first four chapters of the piece you are working on. Please format your manuscript according to industry standards (More on this in two weeks time).
  2. We ask that your font be: a legible serif font (that means it has little feet on it like this one; acceptable options include: Times New Roman, Cambria, Georgian, Garamond etc.) and size 11 or 12. Please also double-space your work.
  3. Please submit with your Query Letter in the body of the email but attach your first four chapters as a .pdf file (for those that don’t know computers overly well, this means that when you save your file in your word processing program, go into the file tab, click save as and then change the format to PDF (from .doc or .docx) before clicking Save). Here at RRP we try to run a paperless operation so e-submissions only at this time.
  4. It is good standard practice, after you finish writing your manuscript, to put it away for a few weeks before looking at it again (we know you are excited, but the time and distance from your manuscript is worthwhile). After you have left it alone for at least 2 weeks (No cheating. We recommend 3-4 weeks.), pull it out again and read it through for not only content but also spelling at grammar errors. We will enjoy reading your work more if we don’t find any barriers (such as spelling and grammatical errors) to enjoying the story your manuscript is telling us.

Once you are happy with your manuscript, send it to us! We’re really looking forward to reading it. If we like the first four chapters we will email you asking for the remainder of the manuscript as well as a short summary (1 page double spaced summary for every 50 pages of text is a good ballpark figure to let you know how short a short summary should be; more on this and summary writing in 3 weeks time).

Turn around time, even with a small publisher, can often be longer than you would like (you’re excited, we get it). Rest assured, we will email you at every stage of the process (one to let you know we’ve received your work and will be looking at it in the coming weeks, one to let you know if we want more or if we think it needs more work, and, should we want more, one to let you know we received that and another with our feedback). There could be considerable time between emails, but do not give up hope. We will get back to you.  No need to email us everyday (or even every month) asking how things are progressing. We’ll let you know when we do.

We hope this first post gets you thinking about submitting your manuscript to us here at RRP. Please refer to our mission statement and imprints page to identify if your book would be a good fit for us and make sure to stay tuned. We will be periodically posting helpful hints and tips on the best way to approach a publisher.

Until next time!

Kindest Regards,
River Ram Press

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