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Meet Your Intern: Rachel

Intern Rachel

 Name: Rachel Rositano

 Age: 24

 Hometown:  East Northport, New York

 Color: Turquoise, aqua… Pull out your thesauruses, folks.  Anything on the blue-green spectrum.

 Books: I love stories with at least a touch of fantasy, stories that are fun, dark, innovative and brave.  That said, I’m a bit of a nitpicker and I’m not big on suspension of disbelief – there can be a magical portal to another world in the back of your wardrobe, but all the rules inside that wardrobe have to be consistent.  That goes for character motivations and real world issues as well.  Some absolute favorites are anything by Neil Gaiman or Brandon Sanderson, The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, Walter M. Miller Jr‘s A Canticle For Leibowitz, anything by Oscar Wilde (his short stories are gorgeous), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and my favorite children’s book against which all children’s books are measured: The Phantom Tollbooth.

Food: You know, for some reason this is the hardest question on here.  I… like… berries?  Sure, let’s go with berries.

Dessert:  On a trip upstate a few years back I discovered a restaurant that had this delicious meringue dessert called a Pink Peppercorn Pavlova.  I haven’t seen it anywhere since.  Perhaps it was a dream…

Coffee: My coffee of choice is usually a cappuccino with about a half-ton of vanilla powder poured in.

Vehicle: My current ride is a fabulous 14 year old Hyundai Elantra with a busted back door and a window that just won’t completely close, side mirrors that refuse to move on command, and an exciting assortment of rumbly noises under the hood if I start it up when it’s too hot or cold, or drive it too fast or slow.  My dream car would be one that works.

Possibly a convertible.  Oh!  With a CD player.  No more constant radio… that’d be sweet.

Goals: On the back of a storybook I made in second grade (called Marie and the Dragon, an epic adventure about a girl who discovered her neighbor’s pet dragon and decided to feed it spaghetti), an author’s note tells what I, at age seven, planned to do with my life: “work at a zoo and be an author.”  Even though the zoo notion went out the window pretty much as soon as I started having to deal with my cat’s litter box, the author dream lived on, and grew along with me.  Now, as much as I love writing, I also love improving others’ writing.  As much as I enjoy working on my own ideas, I like to help other people shape theirs into the best they can possibly be.  This internship with River Ram Press is offering me a rare opportunity to explore various angles of the editorial and publishing process so that I can move forward as both a more informed writer and editor.

In short, my goals are pretty simple ones: to write and to read, to help write and be read.


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