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Introduction to the marketing project manager – Marketing, Branding and all that jazz…

River Ram Press
Inspire writers. Inspire readers.

Toni Morrison was once quoted, ‘If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.’ And putting pen to virtual or actual paper, many writers let their stories out.

Once the deed is done, the proverbial blocks overcome and the manuscript typed, edited and readied for publication that’s when I come into the picture. Of course, there are a few steps not mentioned, but for the sake of time, space, and your patience, I will get to the point. I come in towards the end of the book publishing process in the marketing stage. It’s my job to strategize on how to get the word out, talking about and talking up your work. I brand, promote, and, hopefully for all involved, end up helping sell lots of a writer’s work.

This is my introduction. I, Holly Yamamoto, market your life’s blood, your creative heart and soul.

Professional vision: While working in Tokyo, I had to write academic curriculum to fit not only a teaching methodology, but also a co-branded program. After the launch and roll out of that program, I moved continents. That move resulted in being right at the heart of one of the largest brands in the world. It turned me into a branding fanatic, but something was missing. I wanted to expand into publishing – to focus the marketing and branding experience I’d gained into the entertainment and enjoyment of stories. Leaving one’s life and troubles behind to embrace and be embraced by a different world. This could take the form of flash fiction, a drama, film script or full-length novel series. Or it could be the adaptation of a novel into a multimedia, multi-platform, total immersion experience that allows you to fully escape into the world of your favorite character or plot. And it is my goal to match a writer’s work with these new or tried and true methods of written content consumption.

As far as the questions set forth by earlier introductions go:
Age: ?
Hometown: ??????
Color: Pasty. I really can’t go out in the sun, unfortunately.
Books: Yep – Penguin, HarperCollins, Random House, Puffin, Wiley, Vintage, Bloomsbury, Hyperion, Oxford University Press, Kingston University Press, and River Ram Press
Food: Lots
Dessert: Pass
Coffee: TEA.
Vehicle: As has been previously mentioned, I do like a good brand. And I’m quite a fan of the four-wheeled wonder that is a car – not an SUV nor a truck, mind – no, just a plain, simple, performance, experience-enhancing car. I’d be good with maybe a Mercedes C-class, Mini Cooper S (the original, none of these brand extensions), Subaru BRZ, VW GTI, or just the latest Aston Martin Vanquish. Perhaps, for a bit of fun, throw in a Fisker Karma EE. Why not? For at the moment, I’m vehicle-less. Therefore, I’m in the market, as it were…
Vision: 20/20…getting a bit off, but so far so good.

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