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Story of the Month: We’re Looking for You!

Story of the Month - Button

Story of the Month is a new award offered by The River Ram Press Blog! We will search blogs and websites for a story that we believe needs to be shared with all you lovely readers. You’re more than welcome to recommend places to look from within your own blogging community, as we want to cover the board in our selections.

You may have noticed our first Story of the Month for January by Lisa M. Vanterpool, which is a great example of beautiful storytelling: the sweet story of a family kitchen and the love of a grandmother, completed with gorgeous photographs and a recipe. If you haven’t seen this memoir, take a minute to sit back and relax for a heart-warming read. 

Perhaps next month, we’ll share a bit of science fiction, or mystery!

Maybe it will be a post right off your own blog!

Either way, please feel free to send us your suggestions, as we have our team looking out now for February’s storyteller. All bloggers selected by RRP will receive this purple award to post on their blog to share their success with the rest of the writing community. Help your favorite blog find the recognition it deserves.

All the Best, RRP Staff

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