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Thought of the Day: January 29, 2014


Here at River Ram Press, we are all about inspiring everyone we meet: Inspire Writers, Inspire Readers. We hope this fancy quote, found on Lost Pinup’s fabulous Facebook page (if you don’t follow it already and love that pinup, vintage style, we highly recommend it), makes you think about who (or what) inspires you to be better than you thought you could ever be. We’d love to know the answers you come up with! Why not post us a comment, here or on our Facebook page, to let us know?

Everyone needs a little inspiration.

We’ll get the ball rolling! Whenever we’re feeling low and directionless, we love to watch this, (complete with beautiful animations by Sally Franckowiak). It always brightens our days and gets us thinking about what to create next.

Can’t wait to hear what inspires you!

Kindest Regards,

River Ram Press

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