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Meet Your Editor: Jenna Byers

Editor. I suppose I’m an editor. I’d like to be a development editor, because I like working with authors, without having to do the actually difficult bit of writing all the words down. It’s much easier just to tell someone when they’ve made mistakes and get them to fix it.

Name: Jennifer Byers.

Country: I live in England but I’m from Ireland, and I think my home will always be in Dublin.

Color: I quite like the colour black. Not because it’s weird and depressing, and it’s not like I’d paint my walls with it or anything, but because of the potential for imagination in a dark space. Also, in clothing, it’s terribly slimming and never not sophisticated.

Books: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Anansi Boys’. This was the first Neil Gaiman I read, and I love it for one simple sentence. “Anansi looked like a spider, except when he looked like a man.” This sentence, for me, sums up exactly why books are different to, and better than, TV or film. Because if you read that sentence, you understand it, and you can fit this into your depiction of Anansi. You don’t actually have to know what he looks like all the time, right? It doesn’t really matter. He’s in your imagination. He can fluctuate and evolve and it’s all fine. People say that books require more imagination than TV, and people say it like it’s a bad thing. Those people are wrong, and this sentence, for me, demonstrates exactly why.

Coffee: Is an unfathomable mystery to me.

Vision of RRP: I would like to see this company grow into a small publishing house with a warm, friendly atmosphere, where the publishers actually respect their authors, and where they understand that the editorial side of things matters, just as much as marketing. Because the readers deserve better, the authors deserve better, and the stories certainly deserve better. But that’s just me.


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