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Story of the Month: Amy Bishop

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Amy Bishop, our February 2014 Story of the Month recipient, is a passionate and intelligent young writer. Her pieces are often introspective and observatory, but with a fiery undertone of a voice not willing to be quiet. With her permission, we are featuring the following poem, a work capturing love for another in amber. You can find more of Amy’s kinetic work at

See the original post by Amy Bishop on her blog here: Giving you Roses

– – –


Amy Bishop

Let me press flower petals

into your skin and say

I gave you roses.

Light squares mosaic

on the floor, and I’m straddling

a shadow line, both feet in the sun.

Can I read Braille on your bones,

learn a new language in the Morse code

of your breathing? Late summer and old loves

fading like the hours of sunlight.

I’m ready to fall,

for someone with eyes like apple cider,

or like an autumn New England sky,

and a laugh like the first frost,

clear and fresh.

I’m trying to get my head back

down to earth, it’s been out

flying with the birds,

but they’re headed home,

au revoiring in V’s, honking goodbyes.

I should warn you I carry

a little devil in my pocket,

with a paper cutter sharp tongue

and a Mary Poppins bag of imperfections.

But I can give you looks filled with the Milky Way,

cinnamon warmth to keep for the winter,

laughter for your alarm clock and poetry

for your lullaby. I will etch

a new character into immortality,

like I’m a goddess, like my fingers can set you in the stars.

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