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The Ram Boutique: Author Interview – Nadiyah Abdul-khaliq


This week we had a lovely chat with our current Highlighted Author, Nadiyah Abdul-khaliq, to ask her a few things about herself and her style of writing.

1. Who are you as a person: where are you from, what do you do, what are you doing?

I’m from Kansas City, MO. I am an English teacher.  At present, my plan is to start teaching in South Korea after this school year ends.

2. Your background as a writer?

I started writing when I was about 10 years old. I was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s, The House of Usher. One of the first short stories I wrote was about this woman who lives in a house with a glass ceiling near the ocean. She wakes to find a wave completely covering her home. The story ends right before it crashes down. It was set in the morning, so I was able to do a lot with sunlight seeping in through the shield of blue water. It was pretty cool. Then she died, so…

3. Where did the idea for this piece come/how do you get inspired to write?

The idea for Paintings and Polaroids comes from years of loving vampire novels and also wanting to write something that tackles the issue of loving someone who kills people out of necessity. When they first meet, Julian tells Olivia that he is what is. If he didn’t have to kill people, he wouldn’t. But as it stands, he’d die otherwise. As time goes on with them together, she pushes this into the back of her mind. Later, she’s confronted with that reality again and has to decide where to go from there.

4. Your ideal time and place to write? Explain your answers.

For ideal time and place to write, I have no time, but for place, bookstores, libraries, places like that.

5. Why do you write?

I write because I have to. Aside from teaching, that’s the only other time feel productive and like I’m doing something really good with myself. Even if I’m bad at it, I can’t stop. I won’t.

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