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The Ram Boutique: Author Interview – Chase Pifer

This week we’re bringing our current Highlighted Author, Chase Pifer, back to the front page as we ask him a few question on how they view being a writer and human being. Chase Pifer

1. Who are you as a person: where are you from, what do you do, what are you doing?

As a person, I am a mess. I think most honest people would say the same about themselves too, and that is what I try to encourage people to face up to with my writing. We’re all imperfect people in an imperfect world, which gives us all something in common. I prefer to define myself this way, rather than focusing on geography or ideology to shape my sense of self.

2. Your background as a writer?

My first book, started in High School, was a fantasy romance novel, and I still think about that book often as I write today. During College and University, my writing morphed into something more like philosophical musing and filled the pages of many a formerly blank notebook. I am now striving to adapt into the ‘social commentary’/utopian/dystopian tradition, as those books are the works which inspire me most in life and writing.

3. Where did the idea for this piece come/how do you get inspired to write?

This piece is as much inspired by the film ‘The 6th Day’ as it is by the novel ‘Brave New World’, so I am inspired by science fiction in general throughout my writing, but I am also inspired by real technology and real politics which I feel too many people prefer to ignore. I am motivated to write because of that.

4. Your ideal time and place to write? Explain your answers.

I think better when writing by hand, so I love finding time to actually sit down with pen and paper in bed and scrawl. When typing, it’s best to have coffee or tea, black.

5. Why do you write?

Writing helps me to focus my mind, so I tend to write more as a hobby rather than with an end or deadline in mind. I write about politicized things because it makes sense to me to do so.

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