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STORY: All in the Telling (Part One)

The force behind ‘The Ram Boutique’ is a writer too – and guess what – she has a blog! Read a bit of Jenna’s work here, we’re proud to share her stories. xx

Jenna the Storyteller

Beth wasn’t sure what hit her first when she walked out of the airport. Whether it was the heat, or the humidity, or just the differentness of this place. She had grown up in upstate New York, with forests and glimmer-glass lakes and a real fall season; this was something else. Here the sky was blue, so blue that it hurt her eyes, and the grass was sparse and turning brown, and there were palm trees, actual, honest to goodness palm trees, in planters around the cab stand. And it was hotter than she was used to.

Someone behind her jostled her shoulder as they walked by, knocking her out of her thoughts. Beth stumbled and her legs got tangled up in her suitcases and she almost fell, but she managed to rescue it just in time. She glanced around, a light blush creeping across her cheeks, but no one…

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