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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – A. Suiter Clarke

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by A. Suiter Clarke 

To everyone who has supported me, taken the time to read my work, critiqued snippets of my novel or various short stories such as this one, or just generally told me that they think being a writer is cool: thank you. Thank you all for believing in crazy dreams and words, both on paper and on the screen. There is nothing quite like having people in your life who want to share in your imagination.

Please, keep reading.

– A. Suiter Clarke


… And a Final Note from The Ram Boutique:

We have been so pleased to debut A. Suiter Clarke  in the last month as a writer and as a future River Ram Press author. The feedback we received for her story Remaining was so lovely to hear! If you wish to read her work again, please stay tuned for The Ram Boutique: Volume One in April 2015. There you will be able to read her featured piece and find more exclusive information on this author and her career.

If you wish to submit your work to be considered for this publication, please visit our website for more information: Submit to Volume One. We accept written content, from academic to creative, as well as the visual arts, from photography to fashion. If you have questions about the submission process, never hesitate to get in touch with The Ram Boutique staff.

– – –

Amy Suiter


A. Suiter Clarke is a writer, teacher, traveler, and lover of all kinds of stories. After completing an undergraduate in Theatre, she worked for several years before moving to the United Kingdom to do a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Kingston University, London. While in Europe, she traveled, worked, and wrote in as many pubs as possible. She has written several short stories, poems, and one-act plays, and is currently in the final stages of completing her first novel, which she hopes to finish by the end of 2014.


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