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Who are YA Books Meant For?

There has been some controversy in the book world lately on the subject of Young Adult novels in the hands of mature adults. It is not too far of a stretch to suggest that most readers have questioned how old is ‘too old’ to read a book that stars high school aged characters – many of whom are experiencing the joys of first love (be it more impassioned and dangerous than a typical high school student’s experience). Now, instead of having us summarizing the opposing views on the subject, we suggest you read the opposing articles on the subject listed below.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think…


CON, The article that started it all: 

Against YA by Ruth Graham

PRO, the quick counter argument: 

Really? Are We Still Genre Shaming People For The Books They Like? by Laura Davis (io9)

Yesterday, Slate caused a bit of a stir with an editorial reprimanding adults for reading books marketed to young adults. This song-and-dance — saying that we should be ashamed of what we like to read — is a familiar one for fans of genre fiction. And frankly, it’s getting old.” 

Read rest of Article.

River Ram Press will always support readers and writers no matter the genre.RiverRamPressLogo2013

We feel that no matter what grabs your interest you should feel safe to let yourself be carried away by the story. You deserve the escape that can be presented by Young Adult fiction. Of course, it is always healthy to challenge yourself as well with the classics, but we are just happy to see people content with a book!

In other words – KEEP READING! And tell us about every piece of literature you love. 

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