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Fancy Prose?



Hello to Everyone in the RRP Community, 

We have been very honored to highlight some fantastic writers here on the blog over the last year (soon to be in print): poetry, short stories and free writing that have blown our records and viewings to impressive standards. These writers are a prize to our publishing boutique and we have been humbled with their work and the response from all of you in the community. But now we want more of a response – we want to see your words and read your voice!


So, the editors of River Ram Press ask…

Have you been impressed by their prose?



All of us at River Ram Press want to know. No, we need to know! Submit your prose to us for the chance to become a Highlighted Author for The Ram Boutique, send us a link to your blog post to possibly be featured as an award winner for our scouting competition, Story of the Month, or even send us your blooming manuscripts that we promise to treat with respect. Cross our hearts.

Looking forward to reading your work!

Best Regards, the RRP Team


– – –

@riverrampress  &  fb/riverrampress

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