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Kristin’s Tuesday Touch Base: Inspire Writers!

Kristin Bergene



I’d like you to pretend that you are sitting in a bustling little cafe just off the main drag. There is a heavy scent of coffee beans as they roast in the back, and a barista has just set a mug before you with a cute, little grin. As you lean over to breathe in the alluring warmth before you, I bustle in with my massive purse and grab the seat across from you. Hair up in a mess and notebook in hand, I am ready to discuss your writing and how River Ram Press would be honored to publish your work. I have specifically come to tell you how the team has been working on more opportunities for writers to get more involved!

I know, it’s not real life, but at least I’ve attempted to show you how personal I want to you take on this post. It’s a great pleasure of mine to meet with writers who have the right stuff for RRP over a cup of coffee – but as we’re all spread about the globe…

Anyway – here are a few of the positions that are currently available on the RRP Blog. We will work with your schedule to create a flexible working environment that will let you gain the experience of a freelance writer. There is no harm in sending us a letter of interest.

Available WRITER Positions:

  • Book Reviews – Love or hate a book (or series) and want to share your thoughts? Let us know!
  • Articles on Young Adult / New Adult Topics – Really can be defined by your interests in the genre. We’re very open to your thoughts on this subject.
  • Creative Prose – We are looking for writers to help us with a new project that will involve weekly publications, which means many chances to extend your portfolio! I’ll be writing more about this in the coming weeks, but if you’re a real go-getter and want to get on top of the ball, email me!
  • The Ram Boutique (TRB) – While we’re filling in the slots quick, there are still a few openings left for you to get featured for your creative prose on the RRP Blog and in the 1st Volume of TRB coming up in April 2015. Not to mention that we are now offering more chances for you to get yourself marketed as a writer with interviews and opening doors to write more on your genre, writing and more as an RRP Highlighted Author!  

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas about the above lists. We’d love to hear from you! Even if you have read our blog and thought – gosh, they could really use some more content on  _______ – I want to hear about it. In fact, I’d love to brainstorm any sort of blog series with all those interested in being a serious member of our blogging team.

For submission / application information, visit: Contribute

Cheers, Kristin Bergene x

CEO & General Manager
Wordpress: Kristin Bergene


Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday is my way to personally reach out to everyone who has joined the River Ram Press community. We welcome all who treasure the written word through reading and writing (even through other visually creative means), who wish to engage with those of a similar mindset.  With these quick posts I will make every attempt to answer all your questions / ideas / imaginations, offer chances for you to write for our blog, as well as other ways to join the RRP Publishing Team, but most importantly to inspire writers and inspire readers

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