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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – Steph Blythman

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Performing Gender in Daily Life and
On the Stage in the Sixteenth Century

by Steph Blythman


“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”
Mark Twain

To all those who took the time to read my work, share it with others, and offer me critique on it, I thank you. Academic writing is not always the first thing to be thought of when one speaks of becoming a writer, yet it is an important part of how we distribute and receive information. Without the work of academics, finding information would all that much more difficult as they take the time to collate the information so that others don’t have to. I hope I have given a little window into other possibilities for the written word and if I have inspired more interest, in even the smallest amount, in my chosen topic then I would be delighted.


Keep reading, keep learning, and keep writing!



… And a Final Note from The Ram Boutique:

We have been so pleased to debut Steph Blythman in the last month as a writer and as a future River Ram Press author. The feedback that we received for her academic piece was simply encouraging! If you wish to read her work again, please stay tuned for The Ram Boutique: Volume One in April 2015. There you will be able to read her featured piece and find more exclusive information on this author and her career.

If you wish to submit your work to be considered for this publication, please visit our website for more information: Submit to Volume One. We accept written content, from academic to creative, as well as the visual arts, from photography to fashion. If you have questions about the submission process, never hesitate to get in touch with The Ram Boutique staff.


Steph Blythman


Steph Blythman 

Stephanie grew up in the valleys of Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Drama Studies and French, she went on to study costume design at Inchicore College with a view to a career in that area. Since graduating in May she has designed for two productions, and is now hoping to set up a studio space with some of her fellow graduates. Fashion history is something Stephanie is passionate about, and understanding it helps with her work as a designer. She is considering pursuing a Masters in the subject, but for now is content to trek around Dublin rummaging through charity shops in pursuit of costumes on a budget.

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