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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – Neringa Pangonyte

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Brilliance Land

By Neringa Pangonyte


I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and praises about my abstract piece you’ve read. I haven’t expected such feedback. It motivates me to move on with my writing. Thanks to all people at River Ram too who were so kind and professional. Wish you all good reads and hopefully your eye will catch my writing some day in the future again.

With love, Neringa


… And a Final Note from The Ram Boutique:

We have been so pleased to debut Neringa in the last month as a writer and as a future River Ram Press author. The feedback we received for her story Brillance Land was phenomenal! If you wish to read her work again, please stay tuned for The Ram Boutique: Volume One in April 2015. There you will be able to read her featured piece and find more exclusive information on this author and her career.

If you wish to submit your work to be considered for this publication, please visit our website for more information: Submit to Volume One. We accept written content, from academic to creative, as well as the visual arts, from photography to fashion. If you have questions about the submission process, never hesitate to get in touch with The Ram Boutique staff.


Neringa Pangonyte


Neringa Pangonyte was awarded an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing at Kingston University in London in 2012. She is a Publishing enthusiast. Her activities include book translation from Lithuanian into English, author representation as a literary agent, editor for River Ram Press (United States), scouting for translations and social media marketing of book related projects. Neringa writes poetry and prose in both Lithuanian and English and currently working on a humour novel in English and philosophical literary novel in Lithuanian. She is a crafts, chess and ginger addict, but her greatest passion from all is reading. She lives in London.


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