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Become a Highlighted Author for The Ram Boutique

The Ram Boutique plans to start a new wave of academic, literary journals. A sassy, aesthetically pleasing and clever combination of words, art, and design, with many opportunities to incorporate other artistic means. We make reading, thoughts, art and books sexy.  

… Says the RRP website on our upcoming literary journal, The Ram Boutique.

Over the last year, we’ve had the honor of publishing some of the most talented and fascinating writers on the RRP Blog. Their work has breathed a special life into River Ram Press and has helped us develop into a company that aims to inspire everyone involved. They have encouraged others to join our mission and in that, we’re able to provide a continuous stream of provocative and engaging tales for everyone.


As the months to become a Highlighted Author are passing fast (we’re down to two), we want to leave the space open for those of you who have been skirting around the edges of reaching out and submitting work. This is your chance to jump onto the RRP train and become one of our own as we continue to grow into a publishing boutique that features the unique voices of our writers. We are a company that takes writers under our wing. Through encouragement and guidance, we will act as your confident stepping-stone towards success. We will not only showcase your work, but also initiate a personable interview in order to let the world know you as a writer.

We’re already off to a fantastic start for this year! Now, we want to read your work…
Trust us, it makes us very happy to read!

Please don’t be shy and use the following specifications, click the link for more information, and email your submission to: 



Submission Guidelines for The Ram Boutique
(Click the above link for even more details)

Please include a cover page with your contact information. Ensure that your submission is double spaced, with page numbers and your last name on every page.

Word count for your submission pieces:

Short Story: 1,500 to 2,500 words
Poetry: 500 words
Flash Fiction: 100 to 250 words
Creative Non-Fiction: 1,500 – 2,500 words
Academic Word Count: 2,500 words
(not including references)


See all the other Highlighted Authors now to get some inspiration flowing through your finger tips!

We Look Forward to Hearing from You,
Keep Writing, The RRP Editorial Team 

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