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A One Year Celebration!


This has been such an incredible year for River Ram Press!

Today, we celebrate our one year anniversary for founding the RRP Blog and going public to the world as a new publishing boutique. As with any start-up there have been a fair share of ups and downs, but as a team, we continue to grow and develop towards a successful future.

In the last year, we have had the pleasure to work with nine writers who have become our Highlighted Authors for The Ram Boutique and nine talented bloggers who have been brave enough to share their words online, which we chose to honor with the Story of the Month Award.

We have gained ground with talented blog contributors who have inspired readers with their supportive words on mental health, strategies for writing and have even encouraged reading through many diverse book reviews. The best part is, there is even more talent to come!

We have also had the pleasure to accept two manuscripts, which will become the first titles publishing through River Ram Press! More information to come…

To begin, I would like to send a big thank you to each of these writers. You may all consider yourself part of our success and you are all invited to approach us with more work in the future. Manuscripts, blog posts, book reviews – we want to work with you. 

In addition, it is incredibly important to recognize all those who’ve helped bring this boutique to where it is today and where we will head in the future. The talented team, who have become the foundation of River Ram Press over the last year, deserve full credit. Their skills, flexibility, ambition and willingness to develop a new organization though volunteering their passions are recognized by myself and others. Without their positive attitudes and encouraging work ethic, River Ram Press wouldn’t where it is today. And we’re only a year old!

As we continue to gain ground, I am certain that next year will be even brighter.

Thank you for everything you have done and your support: Holly Yamamoto, Jenna Byers, Rachel Rositano, Andie Alban, Sebastian Eklund and Stephen Hastings. Thank you to each of our incredible editors and the interns we’ve worked with over the year. And a final thank you to those who are just beginning to join our team. 

Here is to each writer and publisher who belong within the past, present and future of River Ram Press!

Thank you.

Cheers, Kristin E. Bergene
CEO & General Manager of River Ram Press

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