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Kristin’s Tuesday Touch Base: Blog Authors!

Kristin Bergene


You may have noticed that we have a plethora of dedicated writers that contribute to the RRP Blog. We’re very lucky to have Emily Glossner Johnson and her inspiring articles on writing with mental health, each of our ambitious book reviewers and all the members of the RRP Staff who make a special effort to reach out to all of you, such as Jenna Byers (The Ram Boutique).

In addition, you will soon be introduced to more featured bloggers who will be revealing their novelettes to us in segments each month. Jivan Ward and Hassan Izzo have very unique styles, which we believe will be the perfect addition to our diverse content of posts that aim to inspire all our readers.

We thought we would make it easy for you all to follow your favorite posts in two accessible fashions:

ONE) If you look to the right of this post, you’ll see we’ve added more categories for their specific content. Yay!

TWO) We’ve created a new page that has all our authors listed in alphabetical order, seen here:


However, as I’m incredibly excited to have their content I’d like to show them off right now! Hence, the reason I took myself off the following list.
If you want to know more about me, just click the above link…

Emily Glossner Johnson's Picture

Emily Glossner Johnson: Blog Contributor
Series: Writing and Mental Illness

Emily writes monthly blog articles about mental illness and the challenges and triumphs it brings to the writing life. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995, Emily is familiar with the pitfalls and high points of being a writer with a mental illness. Emily aims to encourage others through whatever challenges they may face when writing—whether it be a mental illness, a physical disability, or some other obstacle. Emily wishes to communicate to others that they are not alone. Even for writers who don’t have a disability, Emily hopes that her articles will inspire, educate, and enlighten.

Emily has a B.A. in English from SUNY Buffalo and an M.A. in English from SUNY College at Brockport. She has over a dozen stories published or forthcoming in literary journals and anthologies. She has a finished novel that she is looking to get published and is currently working on a memoir about her experiences with bipolar disorder.

@EMDotJ / Emily on BlogspotEmily on Facebook 

Kendyl Bryant

Kendyl Bryant: Blog Contributor
Series: Book Reviewer

Kendyl is the founder and main host of, a site that endeavors to create a community around the discussion of film adaptations past and present. In her monthly book reviews on River Ram Press, she doesn’t attempt to separate the “good” books from the “bad” but instead to direct books toward the type of audiences that can appreciate them.

Kendyl recieved her MA in Publishing from Kingston University and currently works as an audiobook proofer at Brilliance Audio.

@KendylLBryant / Kendyl on Tumblr / Kendyl on YouTube /

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore: Blog Contributor
Series: Young Adult Book Reviewer

Christopher contributes regularly to the River Ram Press blog, reviewing the very best in Young Adult Literature. He believes that as well as a captivating story, a book must have a memorable cast of characters, an authentic setting, a consistent narrative style and something special that sets it apart from the competition. Christopher has devoted his time to reviewing, reading and writing YA Lit. He hopes to build on his presence in the blogosphere (and on Twitter) while he promotes the very best in Young Adult writing and build a stronger relationship with the RRP team.

Christopher holds an MA in Publishing and Creative Writing. He also manages his own blog and works in International Sales for HarperCollins UK. He has gained rights, marketing and publicity experience at companies ranging from Puffin to Booktrust. Don’t be fazed by his clever wit (he invented the internet), his Irish brogue (he has difficulty with ‘th’ sounds) and his distinct lack of style (he has been known to mix black t-shirts with navy jeans), Christopher is a normal guy (who can do no wrong).

@YAblookerThe Young Adult Book Club on WordPress

Hassan Izzo

Hassan Izzo: Creative Blog Contributor
Series: Inquisitive

Like any other writer, Hassan Antonio Izzo is happiest when he is sat at his desk putting words down on paper; whether it be updating his blog, working on a short story, script, poetry, journalism, or wrestling with his first novel. If anything stands a chance of getting him away from his desk, a few drinks with friends would stand a good one. His biggest claim to fame is that Quentin Tarantino loved his Mr T t-shirt when he met him; which was pretty cool. A proud South Londoner, you can follow on Twitter @Hassanizzo86.

@Hassanizzo86 / Writing, Films, Book, Life on Wordpress

Jivan Ward

Jivan Ward: Creative Blog Contributor
Series: No Cygnet for Sleep

As a guest blogger, Jivan hopes to entertain and intrigue every Sunday with his subversive serial ‘No Cygnet for Sleep’. Currently, living and working in London, he is writing a novel and running a writing blog. Jivan studied Creative Writing at University.


If you’d like to become one of our blog contributors, do not hesitate to get in touch!

We are very open to hearing your ideas.

Cheers, Kristin Bergene x

CEO & General Manager
Wordpress: Kristin Bergene

Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday is my way to personally reach out to everyone who has joined the River Ram Press community. We welcome all who treasure the written word through reading and writing (even through other visually creative means), who wish to engage with those of a similar mindset.  With these quick posts I will make every attempt to answer all your questions / ideas / imaginations, offer chances for you to write for our blog, as well as other ways to join the RRP Publishing Team, but most importantly to inspire writers and inspire readers

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@RiverRamPress & FB/RiverRamPress
#RRPTouchBaseTuesday #Writers #Authors #AmWriting

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