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Kristin’s Tuesday Touch Base: You Probably Want to Know About Me… Yeah?

Kristin Bergene



This thought occurred to me, as I was snuggling into bed with a new David Sadaris book, that you have to listen to me chat on about River Ram Press when you have no clue who I am or what I am, or what I do. This, of course, might not bother you, but for those who are interested, this post is for you!

I am a person who has always been involved with creative careers from working with kids when I was in high school, to being a gallery manager and of course, working in publishing. A few years ago, I worked for a newspaper in my town and from there decided to earn my MA in Publishing and Creative Writing. Without a doubt, this was the best decision of my life. I lived in London for several years and was able to earn a degree in a field that I’ve loved since birth: books. While attending Kingston University, I met the group of people who would help with the conception and the growth of River Ram Press.10672271_10202937459581629_271577965334699874_n

River Ram Press is my passion. It is also my hobby in the sense that I absolutely enjoy every moment I get to spend working on this brand and brainstorming with my international team of dedicated staff. On weekends, on free evenings and on sick days you will find me working on something that will encourage the growth of RRP. After a full year of these efforts, my team has doubled and I have had the pleasure of working with 25+ incredible writers, two of which we are preparing to publish in the new year.

Without surprise to you, I am sure, I am a reader and I am a writer. In the last five years, I have traveled to ten countries and have friends in nearly every part of the globe starting in Asia and Australia, working across Europe and the United Kingdom and landing in the USA, from New York to California. As a Norwegian descendant (grandparents made their way to Brooklyn), I am big on fish and skiing: downhill and cross-country. If I have the time and it’s a nice day, I’ll be outside for long walks with a audio book in my ears, kayaking on the local lake, riding horses, or going for a swim.

Kristin Bergene & PippaBut also, I really love to just be in bed with my little pup.

All in all, I’m a pretty normal girl in her late-twenties who has a fantastic passion for giving writers a home! If you’re interested in knowing more about me, especially if you’re thinking about trusting myself and my editors with your beloved manuscript, you can visit my Personal Website or my Personal Blog. It is my objective to ensure a comfortable working relationship, so do not hesitate in getting in touch!

Cheers, Kristin Bergene x

CEO & General Manager
Wordpress: Kristin Bergene


Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday is my way to personally reach out to everyone who has joined the River Ram Press community. We welcome all who treasure the written word through reading and writing (even through other visually creative means), who wish to engage with those of a similar mindset.  With these quick posts I will make every attempt to answer all your questions / ideas / imaginations, offer chances for you to write for our blog, as well as other ways to join the RRP Publishing Team, but most importantly to inspire writers and inspire readers

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