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Taking the Plunge

By Sebastian Rydberg 

RRPP LogoI remember it well – my first creative writing workshop. An entire table of classmates along with a very intense tutor who were all going to critique my work. I’d been anxious the whole day simply because I didn’t know what to expect. Having your creative work evaluated—and *gasp* read out loud—can be an emotional nerve-wracking experience.

But after what seemed like a baptism of fire, I learned that if you really want your work to be read some day, you simply have to take the plunge and share your words with people. Every budding writer’s in the same boat.

Sharing your fiction can be just as personal as having someone read your private journal, if not more so. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to listen to, and consider all, feedback. Figuring out what is constructive criticism is equally as important – never change your work based on someone else’s opinion.

I think it’s important to believe in your work. This means not underestimating your story or writing style. Learn to filter out the useful comments, and ignore the rest if your instinct tells you to stick with it.

River Ram Purple Pen is a personal editorial service that’s tailored to your needs as your develop your manuscript. All of our editors have experience in critiquing writing and understand the importance of helpful feedback.

If you’re not quite ready to submit your work to an agent or publisher, and are not happy with the way your manuscript is turning out, or simply want a second opinion and edit, our friendly editors are available to offer you helpful and constructive advice. So go ahead! Get in touch, and we’ll give your manuscript the treatment it deserves.



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