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The Ram Boutique: Author Interview – Neringa Pangonyte

We have had so much pleasure in featuring Neringa as our Highlighted Author this month for her creative piece Brillance Land. In her diversity as a writer, she has taken on the challenge of translating books from Lithuanian to English. Brillance Land is a great example to show case her talents. We hope you enjoy the insight Neringa in the following interview, enjoy!


Neringa PangonyteWho are you as a person: where are you from, what do you do, what are you doing?

I was born and grew up in Lithuania and came to the UK in pursuit of creative freedom, hence I studied an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, did a number of work experience and short-term jobs in Publishing and started writing poetry and prose fiction in both, my tongue and English languages. In addition, I am currently work on a book translation, do some ‘bookish’ projects on Facebook and sit down to relax crocheting every day. I am very enthusiastic and motivated personality but this often clashes with every day house routine and other procrastination types. Currently working on my discipline to establish a productive day working at home.

Your background as a writer?

I did some early poetry from the age of 6 but it’s gone long time ago. Such a shame! Later, I was involved in some school and local regional writing contests, my essays were praised and I had an encouragement from my literature teacher but it was all forced and I didn’t feel any pleasure writing at that time. Only when I started contemplating on more serious issues and attempted to write a chick-lit novel (unsuccessfully), I understood that this is not a one-day whim but a passion, which won’t stop. But in short, I believe, this desire to express myself in writing and produce something readable came from my hobby to read: day and night in my childhood, obsessively in teenage years, now – when commuting mainly and before sleep.

Where did the idea for this piece come from/how do you get inspired to write?

Honestly, I don’t remember… I wrote it in Lithuanian first and it has a continuation, but it is too messy to show yet. A lot of my ideas jump up when walking, on the train or bus, or just before falling asleep. I start from one sentence and then ideas flow. A lot of paragraphs appear from my dreams. It is much easier for me to develop a surrealistic, thoughtful and philosophical piece rather than create a logical plot. I am not that good writer yet.

Your ideal time and place to write?

It can happen anytime, anywhere – like rain from a clear sky. But being upset is the best medium for me to do any kind of writing, even if it’s humour. Weirdly, my happiness is my writer’s block.

Why do you write?

Some people play tennis, some people climb mountains, some people experiment in the kitchen. I write.

Thanks to River Ram Press and The Ram Boutique for this opportunity. I am very happy to join this creative community and be a part of the space dedicated for new writers to be noticed. Hurray!

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