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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – TJ Esubiyi

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Take That First Step

By TJ Esubiyi

For all who have been very supportive of my writing, I am exceptionally grateful. Grateful to River Ram for featuring my poem. For all who read and enjoyed it, I’m glad you took the time out to read it. And to all who read and didn’t enjoy, I’m still glad you took the time out.
Life has given much experiences to motivate me to write. Here’s to continually documenting this journey through life!
Thanks again.

TJ Esubiyi

TJ Esubiyi from the UK is a singer/songwriter, formerly a dancer by trade. He has been writing poetry since he was about 15. He absolutely enjoys writing poetry and never intends to stop. He finished his Masters in Music Performance in September ’13 and has since been focusing on his music. His book ‘Matters Of The Heart’ was self published via in September ’07. He’s currently contemplating a second book. He is an avid blogger, on his own site and writes music reviews for the blow He currently resides in Berlin.
TJ on Youtube channel
FB / MusicTJ

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