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No Cygnet for Sleep: 3

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.

No Solace in Thirty Grand PowerPoints

By Jivan Ward

Lecturer stand front sewn to podium think hail of pigeon shit and some reason monotonous stay monotone for monotone system mean monotone soul and no learn for me. I sit somewhere near middle not back or front that’s chic or cool but middle and feet down under chair in front and look round to girls in Uni epoch. They say Best time of your life I say, Entire life?

There once ghost that walked with blackboard and chalk ghost walked with book and orate and inspire then ghost stumble under bare projection board and redundancy and ghost go home. Now everyone concentrate like automaton to screen projector like holographic spectre beam divine ray of Info photosynthesise us catatonic. I like that ghost.

Phone vibrate – Hugo: So Sarah has a friend I think you’d like. Her name’s Cee. She’s free tonight. Check out her Facebook let me know yeah?

Lecturer say something about blue curtains don’t mean symbol just blue curtains. Yawn. Say something about history inherent to narrative context. Yawn. What happen to fun what happen to literature mosaic of symbol metaphor for interpretation and difference and fun? Wonder if he feel same if downplay his hyperlink or animated swoosh of topic theme and motif what he call a novel’s bread butter. Mr. Monotone meet my eye. Hope he feel my bored. Hope he feel my dying for something substantial. Hope he feel my read screen and yawn. Hope he feel my ennui…hope he don’t feel same way too. He deflate to look like he do.

Remember last two week principle merge departments into Art and Humanities love-child. Last three principle cut fund. Last eight Mr Monotone with book and orate after Mr Ghost had inspire. Not first teacher I seen wrung out by system or curriculum. Hierarchy just shit and arsehole when you look up. Mr Monotone look round at students to stop to sit down. Hope he see me. I apologise to him to myself probably have most student cursing most apathetic indignant most selfish some probably better. Probably wish there more he could do. He look up to ceiling and down to floor and he say Sorry, my heart isn’t in this and my head isn’t here. No word on no tongue, silence beside us. He say You want your education. I can’t give it to you. He stand up to walk to door to salute and door slam. Word on all tongue, silence beside us, anger begin bubble through gullet. Some just walk to reception complain. Some sit not sure for shock. Say What. The. Fuck? and laugh. I up to walk and out door fag in mouth see principle thunder down corridor shoes clack like siren.

Phone vibrate – Hugo: Awesome. I’ll send you the deets later.

Jivan Ward

Jivan Ward was born and reared in London, where he learnt that there’s more to life than what surrounds you. Stumbling out of a tumultuous passion for music, into the corridors of libraries and the dank recesses of fiction, he began writing poetry and short stories before going to university to study the craft and art of writing. Tit led to tat and he works in retail and is currently writing a novel and running a blog. He believes the internet is a force of neutrality and that the publishing industry should invest more in its authors than its devices.

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