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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – Daniel Gregory

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Cosmos to Consciousness
An Essay on The Ascent of Humanity

By Daniel Gregory

I am most grateful to the River Ram Press Boutique for the opportunity to participate in your innovative effort to create an international pathway of literary inspiration. The symbiotic potential of connecting a dynamic global circle of talented writers with a worldly electronic force of enthusiastic readers seems unlimited.
Dan Gregory

… And a Final Note from The Ram Boutique:

We have been so pleased to debut Daniel Gregory in the last month as a writer and as a future River Ram Press author. The feedback we received for his story Cosmos to Consciousness was inspiring! If you wish to read his work again, please stay tuned for The Ram Boutique: Volume One in April 2015. There you will be able to read his featured piece and find more exclusive information on this author and his career.
If you wish to submit your work to be considered for this publication, please visit our website for more information: Submit to Volume One. We accept written content, from academic to creative, as well as the visual arts, from photography to fashion. If you have questions about the submission process, never hesitate to get in touch with The Ram Boutique staff.

Daniel Gregory

Daniel Gregory began his life within the Thousand Islands international border culture of the River St. Lawrence. This extraordinary island labyrinth of unsurpassed natural beauty separates upstate New York from the Canadian Province of Ontario. He spent numerous summers on this river as an excursion boat captain while working his way through Hamilton College and the University of Virginia School of Medicine. After completion of these formative years, he devoted more than half a century to his career in clinical and academic medicine. As his passion for literature and writing was rekindled, he sensed that it was time to transcend beyond the limitations of clinical science and explore the freedom of creative writing. This eclectic life experience combined with a deep reverence for the power of the written word opened a new door of discovery as he pursued his desire to bridge the gap between science and art.

“For me, life is now quite simple as I have discovered an energizing circle of writers in my adoptive village of historic Cooperstown, New York. Whether it be snow and ice or blue sky and sunshine, I gather my notebook and pen once a week and make my way down Pioneer Street to the cradle of American Literature. For the next several hours within a landmark of palpable history, the Smithy Arts Center, I take my place among an exceptional circle of creative and talented friends as we engage in a dialogue of enlightenment“.

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