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NaNoWriMo: “Paper Houses” Excerpt 1


With week two of NaNoWriMo under way, our courageous and creative Evelyn has submitted her first pages of “Paper Houses”.

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Don’t forget to follow Evelyn’s progress with our Twitter hashtags #InspireWritersEvelyn and #NaNoWriMoRRP.

Everything seems like a city of dreams, I never know why, but I still miss you.
There she’s standing in a field of lights, I close my eyes, and I still–

Marina cut the electronic beats on her iPod just as the metallic doors opened. The 9AM sunlight slid into the dim elevator. Every morning, this sliver of light signified the start of another day at her office, or what she secretly called the Glass Prism. It was a towering pyramid – an architectural masterpiece right smack in the midst of Singapore’s Central Business District, a perfect place to house the biggest names in the world’s advertising and marketing industry.

After all, what could be a better structure than an imitation of that famous French museum in Paris, than this shimmering glass hill – that almost beamed joyfully with rainbows in the thirty degree sunlight – to foster the next generation of creative gurus, in a young and ambitious nation trying to outshine the world in every arena? Media hub was just the newest addition to the list.

And of all things, young and ambitious was what Marina was not, though she could very well be.

Graduating from the top junior college in Singapore with her A’ levels certificate filled with straight distinctions, Marina went against her parents’ wish to pursue a university degree in law. All they knew was that law was a prestigious path. But all she wanted was to go to art school.

“You are wasting your talents.” “Why are you always doing useless things?” “Can art feed you?” “Why can’t you be more like other normal Singaporeans?”

In the end, Marina went to journalism school, which, to Pa and Ma, was just as useless.

To prove them wrong for once, Marina applied for a job at the most prestigious advertising agency in Singapore. And she got it, effortlessly, as it always seemed to the envy of her friends, for she got whatever she wanted in her life. According to them, she was intelligent, capable and unconventionally beautiful. Her ex-boyfriend once said he fell in love with her teardrop-shaped eyes.

And now, landing herself a first job at the most glamorous office building in Singapore, Marina’s impressive achievement was the talk among her university friends at gatherings, where she tried to change the subject whenever they mentioned her job, for she was not proud of it at all. But at least it gave her parents the chance to boast to their relatives about their precious daughter working at “that famous glass building designed by that big shot ang moh”.

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