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Publishers Weekly’s Books of the Week: December 8, 2014

Did you just finish another great book? Not to worry! Publishers Weekly just announced their picks of the week! This week you will find classic pieces such as The Wall by H.G. Adler and new fiction such as Enter Pale Death by Barbara Cleverly. 

Click the link below for the full list, and be sure to let us know your opinions of their choices in the comments below.

The Wall

The Wall by H. G. Adler, trans. from the German by Peter Filkins (Random) – This is Adler’s third (posthumous) and final work in the Shoah trilogy (after The Journey and Panorama), one of the very few works of Holocaust fiction written by a survivor. The author, once a prisoner at Theresienstadt and three other concentration camps, crafted this modernist homage to his despair over the course of many years; it was first published in 1989. His protagonist, Arthur—most certainly Adler himself—is an exile in the “Metropolis,” a thinly disguised London. “

Best Books of 2014, Publishers Weekly

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