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No Cygnet for Sleep: 12

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.

And Gaslight

By Jivan Ward

Ané lead down stainless steel corridor. Same blur shine same disinfectant death pong all same except blinds drawn down no dead-eyes today. Maybe I was supposed to see. Maybe they have a dead-eye Tuesdays. She knee length red suit dress calm no expression but for concrete slab say, We’ve tried all types, different races, different classes, genes, collecting information, beta readings, our tests are generally successful but there’s a grace period then a 90% chance that a Patch will die. She turn to blind take out remote and blind rise and I not look until I see corner eye her dead matted brown hair and white cud from mouth to stainless steel counter. Dead-eye blue stare at TV. Ané look down corridor. I say, But there’s more to it right?

Her office. No paper main motif. Thin carpet clear look ironed by vacuum. Bin empty. Desk clear of file or stationary just monitor and frame. Some pictures of kids and man over forty probably bad time to ask. Like central city twenty floor office without the windows. Of all questions I keep topical.
Ané say, Yes there has been a successful Patch, she runs the entire server of this building and holds all the memory for entire company. I can take you to see her.
She wait I ask again she sit regal say, Xana is an entertainment system, she laugh say, To import and export memory from one to the other.
It burst out, morality like someone sees me make sure they know I know that it’s wrong and I’m fighting and righteous. They won’t see how I feel drained and robot attached to Ané’s heels. She look to family picture say, It was not my decision but one I am bound by.
If this elaborate TV prank let it be known I’m best intentions. I say, So you want to murder people on a mass scale? Make their brains into like fucking USBs?
She laugh say, We’re just testing full capacity right now, small deposits and withdrawals work perfectly, we’ve been doing that for years but Xana has the facility for much more.

See rise behind her eyes, sad confusion like whale about to break surface and intention still cocoon, the truth is in the myth? She shift forward lean elbows to table figure wry smile and say, Honestly I don’t know how you haven’t asked me about Suna yet.

Jivan Ward

Jivan Ward was born and reared in London, where he learnt that there’s more to life than what surrounds you. Stumbling out of a tumultuous passion for music, into the corridors of libraries and the dank recesses of fiction, he began writing poetry and short stories before going to university to study the craft and art of writing. Tit led to tat and he works in retail and is currently writing a novel and running a blog. He believes the internet is a force of neutrality and that the publishing industry should invest more in its authors than its devices.

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