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Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday: Blogging & New Years’ Resolutions

Kristin Bergene


Me, again…

We’re coming up to a new year for RRP and while none of us are trying to rush through December – yay holidays! – this does mean one very special thing for all of you in the RRP community. We are ACTIVELY looking for new bloggers to fuel our blog in the New Year. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer or reader, if you have an idea that you believe would interest us, be sure to get in touch with your proposal. 

Possible Ideas that We’d Accept – Though don’t let this limit you:

– Prose Work: Poetry, Short Stories, Flash Fiction, A Novel That You’d Reveal Chapter-by-Chapter
– Articles Specifically Aimed to Inspire Readers or Writers
– Articles Designed to Inform on the Writing or Publishing Industries
– Book Reviews! Reviews on Things that Were 1st Books!
– Dissertations Where You Analyzed Your Favorite Titles
(& Yes, Harry Potter and other YA / NA Titles Count)

Even if you are interested in being an illustrator or share your photography for some of our creative posts, we’re interested.

Think of this as a way to start working on your upcoming New Years’ Resolutions: Get published and start building your CV as a Writer!

This is a rolling deadline, so please feel free to apply at your connivence, BUT if you submit BEFORE January 31st, and are accepted to become a RRP Blogger, you will be featured on the RRP blog and on our website. You will be an RRP regular and have the chance to partake in private discussions about the future of our digital presence.

Cheers, Kristin Bergene x

CEO & General Manager
Wordpress: Kristin Bergene

Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday is my way to personally reach out to everyone who has joined the River Ram Press community. We welcome all who treasure the written word through reading and writing (even through other visually creative means), who wish to engage with those of a similar mindset.  We aim to inspire writers and readers. 

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