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Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday: Notes on The Ram Boutique

Kristin Bergene & PippaHiya Rams, 

The launch of The Ram Boutique: Volume One is coming fast and we are all working hard to make a masterpiece of an academic journal! It has been such a privilege to feature our 12 Highlighted Authors for the last year and I cannot wait to give them a real build up to their publication date.KatrineAziz(2)Meme2015

All the content that you missed and all the content you loved and lost will be back in a beautifully constructed journal. There will be features on all our writers, advice on how to perfect your own skills and sneak peeks into the publishing process. We’re so happy to fill our pages with articles and creative stories to inspire you as a reader or a writer (or both!).

The Ram Boutique on Pinterest

In my – fairly obvious – excitement, there will many Touch Base Tuesday posts to come where I will offer give-aways of the journal and to share the latest updates on the official look and content of Volume One. I can already offer a teaser that you will see articles from some of our favorite bloggers, such as Emily Glossner Johnson and Chase Ambler: how awesome is that?!

Until next time…

Cheers, Kristin Bergene x

CEO & General Manager
Wordpress: Kristin Bergene

Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday is my way to personally reach out to everyone who has joined the River Ram Press community. We welcome all who treasure the written word through reading and writing (even through other visually creative means), who wish to engage with those of a similar mindset.  We aim to inspire writers and readers.

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