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Barnes & Noble Review: Sometimes an Art

People have often commented how we should allow our history to be apart of who we evolve into. Whether it is a lesson learned or recollections of a past time reflected in literature, we as people have been fascinated by our history. Historical fiction is a huge part of that. If you enjoy writing in this particular genre, check out this article by Bernard Bailyn. There are a few fantastic tips regarding narrative language. If not, it’s still an interesting read! Check it out below:


One feature of the past that it is important to try to recover, according to Bailyn, is the fact that although their future is our past, the people of the past regarded their future in the same way we view ours: as open and as yet undetermined. We know how things turned out, but they did not; and while it might look to us like a foregone conclusion, that is only because we get to live after that conclusion came about.”



Full Article:



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