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Barnes & Noble Review: Midnight in the Century

This is such a fascinating read. If you have ever wanted to write a blend of detective fiction and Russian historical fiction, this is most definitely a must-read. I say this because that perfect blend of seamless suspense with a historical background drenched in Russian political warfare has always been so enticing! Midnight in the Century by Victor Serge is beautifully reviewed by Christopher Byrd on Barnes & Noble Review so please click the link below:


Some writers are passwords. When strangers chance upon their names in conversation, each recognizes in the other something vital shared. This is particularly true for those writers who inspire their readers to live more consciously and courageously. Victor Serge (1890–1947), the nom de plume of Victor Lvovich Kibalchich, is one of those names that can transform a casual conversation about books into such a moment of mutual recognition. 

Serge lived for others and for an idealistic future in which exploitation would be a relic of the past. He was born in Brussels to wandering émigrés — intellectuals who’d turned their backs on  life in tsarist Russia. Before he began fending for himself at the age of thirteen, he sheltered with his parents in impoverished households heated by political conversations and philosophical debates, places where “the portraits of men who had been hanged” lined the walls. Due to his father’s chronic penury and distrust of public education, Serge received no formal schooling. Like his father, he was an autodidact — an intimate of libraries and museums; Shakespeare was his childhood primer.”


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