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Barnes & Noble Review: Academy Street

Not all novels need to be long in order to deliver an unforgettable story. Academy Street is Mary Costello’s first novel and it’s finding much success in the book business! Check out the article by Katherine A. Powers below!


Academy Street is Mary Costello’s first novel, and though it is only 143 pages long, it takes in the life of a woman from childhood to old age. When we meet Tess Lohan it is 1944 and she is seven, sitting on the floor in the dining room of her home, once one of the “big houses” of Ireland. Although she is one of six children, she is there alone in her good clothes, listening to the sounds attendant upon the removal, from the floor above, of her mother in a coffin. A blackbird flies in one of the windows and tears a shred of wallpaper from the wall and flies out again, the scrap in its beak. This wallpaper, her mother had explained to her, depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden — you don’t need a black belt in Bible studies to understand what the little girl feels she has lost with this death.”


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