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Memorial Day: A Day of Rememberance


If you are from the USA, you know the meaning behind our “three day weekend”. Memorial Day is a day dedicated to remembering those who served in our armed forces and gave their lives for the greater good. “Freedom” is a word that many take for granted because we are so far removed from a time when we weren’t free; a time of oppression from foreign powers, slavery, no votes for women, etc. We forget that it is due to people fighting for those basic human rights and privileges that we have them today. When our brave women and men serve our country, they not only deploy to protect our freedom, but freedom for others around the world. So thank you to our veterans and those who are currently serving. We will be forever grateful for your willingness to die to protect these freedoms we shouldn’t take for granted. Thank you for leaving your family and friends so that the rest of us could remain safely with ours.





A special thank you from River Ram Press to our fantastic writer/war veteran Nicholas Trandahl for his service!







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