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Two Poems by Tahel Frosh

When you read or listen to a poem in the native tongue it was created in, the magic is beyond any comparison. Israeli author Tahel Frosh is a hidden gem filled with colorful, descriptive language. Check out WLT’s beautiful translation of her work.


tahelfroshThe Mountains of Spain

I am writing what is impossible
because there are people who talk about money during sex
transferring through carnal channels
money I’ll never receive
and I hear someone say, we sold for millions
I am listening to those blue metallic eyes

Back at home, I’m thinking that nice frames cost 1,000 shekels
and I’m thinking that on Wednesday at the employment office
I’ll place my finger on a square and a red
beam will scan its ridges
and a machine will print out
the words: move along
there’s no work. And I’ll be happy.

It can’t be
that next to money my head is as pretty
as a Russian princess
who’s lost everything
suddenly, in the dark, in one fell swoop…


Full Article & Poetry: 



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