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HP: Mystery & Imagination Bookshop

This hidden gem is a MUST-VISIT located in Glendale, California. If you happen to be in eastern LA County, stop by and get lost in their amazing collection of rare finds and first editions. Author Ray Bradbury names M & I one of his favorite haunts in this article by the Huffington Post.

MysteryImaginationBookshopMystery & Imagination Bookshop was founded in 1976 by Malcolm Bell, and was then located among the now lost and lamented bookstore row on Hollywood Boulevard. Malcolm had been a book scout hunting down great copies of books for individuals and bookstores throughout the country. It was a passion for him, like a finder of lost children, and he developed an understanding of books and their histories that is quite possibly second to none. One of his customers at the Hollywood shop was a young book lover named Christine, who found in Malcolm a true literary companion, sharing with her an understanding not only of the book as artifact — edition, binding, rarity, condition — but the book as art — the writing, the prose, the stringing together of words not only in a coherent manner, but often in a beautiful, poetic, flowing, stunning, arresting, and compelling manner. They went out book scouting together, book buddies on the hunt. One day there was a touch, possibly of hands, I imagine it was simple, accidental, no more than a grazing — and then there was magic.



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