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Fidgital Evertime: Lizzie Skurnick’s New Lexicon

Do you ever find yourself creating words? Of course! Whether it’s intentional or not, sometimes we just create words out of thin air. Some people though will go to great length to legitimately create a new word. Check out this interview with word-master Lizzie Skurnick!












“I have always believed,” Lizzie Skurnick says, “not only in making up words, but in making up significant metaphors for things that didn’t exist.” But when the New York Times Magazine came to her with a proposal to run a weekly column coining new words, Skurnick found her imagination stalking the 21st-century everyday, capturing a self-involved, technology-addled society with a lexicon that turns playful mashup into razor-edged satire.

Thus were born words we never knew we needed so badly,  that map the contours of contemporary manners (denigreet), family (from prambivilance to procreadating to nipster), social media ( twiticule and sharanoia) and economics (evertime).  Collected now in That Should Be a Word, Skurnick’s inventions don’t just amuse, but deliver small shocks of sometimes unnerving recognition as they spill out from these pages: am I really such a dictaplanarian?”


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