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Summer Events!


Hi Rams!

There are a lot of exciting things happening on the blog in the coming months. First off we have all new poetry from Chase Ambler starting this Friday. Also, keep an eye out for Nicholas Trandahl‘s newest short story, A Song in the Wood, which will be posted early next week. Plus, our social media guru, Yoanna Novakova, will be joining in on the action by commencing her bi-weekly posting on various literary musings.


Ah! But that is not all!


Towards the end of summer, the RRP Blog will be launching a new writing contest! After the success of the previous contest, we decided to open up another opportunity to be a regular, published writer on our blog! This time, in the tantalizing shadow of Halloween, the genre will be horror fiction! Keep an eye out for the announcement!


Lastly, there is always an open door to any book reviewers who would like to contribute to our humble literary page. If you are interested, please contact our fabulously eccentric coordinator, Emily Alvarez at


Ta ta for now!


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  1. Reblogged this on Yoanna vs the World and commented:

    Oh my god, the pressure! But yeah, here it is, official – not only am I starting this new section of the travel blog, but I will finally get that push off the edge and into the world of writing about writing, about reading, and all sorts of random musing that I’ll have to come up with. Good luck! (that goes for you and me both, by the way 😉 )
    The even more intimidating part, though, is being listed along with the wonderfully talented Nick Trandahl and Chase Ambler – I will have to work extra hard to measure up to these guys. It should be a fun ride.

    I’m all excited and anxious at the same time. But I’m definitely looking forward to this and you can (and should) follow the River Ram Press Blog, but even if you don’t, I will be (re)posting on here as well.

    Well, better get on that NY blog now, it’s due, errhh.. today! So, yeah. Keep an eye out for the new stuff on RRP because there are also contests coming up!!

    See ya!
    xx, Y.

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