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Do You Know Your Book Genre?

Many times, I pick up a book in my favorite independent book shop without realizing or caring what genre it falls into. But then of course comes these questions from a stranger that you are making small talk with: What types of books do you read? Can you recommend an author from that genre that you love? I usually just say fiction because it’s the mothership of all of my favorite sub-genres but I think it would be really cool/helpful if I could really describe my favorite. This article sure breaks it down!




“There can be many reasons why a book fails to grab readers, and while this blog concentrates mostly on the technical aspects and marketing side of self publishing rather than the actual writing process, the choice of genre can have major implications on both writing and marketing.

Writers often start writing a novel without giving their end product much thought, so when finished, it may sometimes be difficult to find a precise category or genre for the book when it comes time to publish.

I read a post on Kristen Lamb’s excellent blog recently, where she goes into great depth about how to not only define, but choose a genre before starting to write a book. In my mind, the advice in her post helps solve two problems at once, in that it gives clarity when writing, and then simplicity when it comes time to publish.”


Full Article:


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