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A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

alsdI am really not one for romance. I don’t mind it mixed in with my distopian, fantasy or let’s-contemplate-the-meaning-of-life fiction, but if the romance is going to be the main plot, I’m really not interested.

That said, I made an impulse purchase at the grocery store (of all places) last month because I was really intrigued by the description of A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.

The premise, as described on the cover, is “fourteen viewpoints–one love story.” And none of those viewpoints are the main couple, Gabe and Lea.

With all the drama of your typical college love story, this one plays out through the eyes of the Creative Writing professor who ships them (hard), the Starbucks barista who wishes she didn’t care and an overly excitable squirrel, who’s mostly around to snag some food. Not to mention the friends, family and bus driver of the smitten couple. They see them meet, bump into each other on campus and try not quite hard enough to get past the awkward moments and into an actual date. And every single one of them sees the sparks, because there is just something snowflake special about these two.

It would be frustrating if it weren’t so adorable.

And it’d be sickeningly sweet if it weren’t so funny.

Like I said, I’m not one for romance, but just as this book is about to get into gag-worthy territory, the perspective changes to someone with a dose of reality. Victor, their cynical classmate, hates Gabe and Lea. Charlotte, the barista is sick of the other employees chattering on about them. The curmudgeonly bench only cares about having nice butts sit on him. It’s all a nice relief from the syrup that is Gabe and Lea’s awkward love.

Plus, the writing moves quickly and the characters are entertaining and realistic. The professor is a particular favorite in her enthusiasm and intelligence and the main duo is believably terrible at navigating their way to starting up this relationship.

Whether you’re a fan of love stories or not, this is a fun, light read to relax and laugh with. It didn’t take long to read, but I really enjoyed myself while it lasted.

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  1. I have to say, your review has left me intrigued! I am probably very much like you in that my reading tastes does not include straight-out romances, but they’re alright when they’re mixed in with an existing plotline. The idea sounds really interesting that the central focus of this story- Gabe and Lea’s budding relationship- is not seen through either of their perspectives. Maybe I’ll take a look sometime if I happen across this in my own grocery store!

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