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Frank Giacoio III: Author Interview for The Ram Boutique

fgiacoio_headshotRiver Ram Press is happy to be working with Frank Giacoio III on our upcoming publication, The Ram Boutique: Volume 2. Three of his poems, “Boiling,” “cloud,” and “How Fast Was I?” have been chosen for publication in this journal. We felt these pieces really captured the sentiment of simplicity set as our theme.

If you would like to join Frank as one of our selected authors, check out our Submission Guidelines on the RRP Website.

  1. Let’s have the readers get to know you a bit. Who are you as a person: where are you from, what do you do, what are you doing?

For 23 years I’ve lived in New York, around an hour north of the city. It’s a quiet place at the whim of nature, the perfect place to write. The four seasons are neatly divided here, and it makes for a healthy change of pace. When I’m not writing poetry I’m probably writing code. I graduated from RPI with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration.

  1. Tell us a little about your background as a writer?

As a child I enjoyed playing with Legos. I’d build elaborate kingdoms, chronicle their rise and fall (usually at the hands of a dinosaur action figure) and repeat this ad nauseam. I was a writer back then too, although I didn’t know it because I never put any of my stories down on paper. The joy I took in world building and storytelling only strengthened as I got older. I discovered in high school that poetry didn’t have to rhyme and from there I was trapped in the sweet sticky ambrosia of writing.

  1. How do you get inspired to write?

I look at myself as a bridge. I steel myself and let the words choose when to cross over from their world into ours. I need to be a conduit for words that otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it here. I take this role very seriously. I try to avoid exercises that force words across the bridge as I find that they end up mangled when you treat them roughly.

  1. Do you have an ideal time and place to write?

My ideal time and place to write is surrounded by quiet nature. I enjoy sitting in a grassy clearing and listening to leaves rustle. I take solace in the quiet as it allows me to hear words that might be whispering lowly, hoping someone might hear. In the winter I avoid writing outside as the cold muddles my thoughts, during those times it is harder for me to write, but if I must do so I write from a soft couch.

  1. What’s your reason to write?

I write to feel fulfilled, like my creations are leaving a lasting mark. I write for others to read and perhaps understand something that they hadn’t before. I write to convey the beauty of nature and the simple unadulterated things in life. I write because words come to me and need a place to stay. I write because I’m a writer.

I’m so happy that the River Ram Press found joy and value in my work enough to publish it on their site. It’s one of the first publications that I’ve ever submitted work to and I’m grateful to have it here. I’m looking forward to seeing The Ram grow and succeed.

It’s our pleasure to present Frank as one of our highlighted authors, and we look forward to working with him on Volume 2 of The Ram Boutique.


TRBT3Frank Giacoio hails from a different New York. Away from the city lights and sounds—a quiet pasture to the north. In the silence there he finds solitude, and in solitude there is clarity through which one might hear words cross over the bridge of their heart.

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