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Vanessa Perillo: Author Interview for The Ram Boutique


Today we have something for you all that’s a little different than what you’re used to. You’ll see what I mean when you read Vanessa’s interview below!

The following questions were answered by the different members of the 3- and 4-year-old classroom I teach in. They know me best.

Vanessa: “Who am I as a person?”

“You are a Brooklyn teacher. You do face-paint and know everyone’s name.”

“You are a person who was in your mommy’s belly for the first time. You do really good because you are a person, a teacher, who takes care of the kids. You are just really good.”

V: “What is my background?”

“Your back-round is your booty right here, like here on your back, your butt (points to bottom with a green spoon).”

V: “What inspires me?”

“Inspires  means you see someone who is someone special and you trust yourself forever…you trust yourself forever to make something special for her.”

V: “When is my favorite time to write poems?”

“You should write at 2:30.”

V: “Where is my favorite place to write poems?”

“My favorite place to write is in the park. You should write in the park. You should also go to school so you can write better.”

V: “Why do I write poems?”

“Because you will be alive like a beast. And then you poke someone in the tummy and then you get eaten and then the monster wakes up and he don’t feel good and his swims to a shore and then he says sorry and you can be best friends again.”

“That’s a story you can write.”


Closing out our group of contributing authors for The Ram Boutique: Volume 2 is Vanessa Perillo. A wonderfully talented poet, Vanessa has had two of her poems selected for inclusion in our upcoming publication!

Be sure to stay updated with RRP on Facebook and Twitter for our upcoming April release of The Ram Boutique: Volume 2!

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