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RRP Founded: Summer 2013

Welcome to the blogging home of River Ram Press!

As a publisher that takes its author-editor relationship seriously, RRP chose to begin their online presence here, in the form of a blog, so they could begin to connect and build the all important community that will form the backbone of RRP. We take great pride in their author focused approach to publication. A stance where the growth and development of the author is equal to the growth and development of their manuscript.

If you write, take a further look into our many publishing outlets: have your novel published by RRP, enter a short prose to be in 1st Volume of The Ram Boutique, become a staff blogger, work on your writing one-on-one with our experienced and personable editorial team through River Ram Purple Pen.

If you read, why not join our blogging team that reviews fiction for the masses. Keep involved with RRP to meet your authors and writers exclusively – which means a deeper understanding of the characters and stories you love!

RRP looks forward to forging new relationships with authors, agents, publishers, booksellers, reviewers and readers in the months and years to come. Watch this space for all the excitement of RRP news and developments; there are sure to be lots.


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Shawna Hanto: Blog Illustrator

Shawna is an animator and illustrator with a huge love for reading and writing. They’re a sucker for cheesy romance and high fantasy novels, but enjoy many different genres. They graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton. Much of their work is derivitave work based on different literary forms, and they hope to continue that trend here at River Ram Press with much success.


Check out Shawna’s personal art site: The Sammich Artist.













Andie Alban

Andie Alban: Blog Illustrator

Andie was raised and surrounded by voracious readers. She attended the School of Visual Arts and received her BFA in Illustration. Her focus is the conception and creation of quality Children’s storybooks and storybook illustrations. She connects deeply with emotional stories that describe the living experience without crass irony. Genuine stories with life, imagination and light are ones she enjoys to imbibe and whose spirit she hopes to imbue in her stories.

See more of Andie’s work by visiting her facebook page: Andrea Alban Illustration


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