Midwinter Night (Alone)

A Poem by Chase Ambler   A lone figure silhouetted black against snow lit bright by streetlamp. He stumbles, drunken, on the sidewalk, trudging through powder underfoot. Snow, lifted by […]

New Eve

A poem by Chase Ambler The setting sun lights up the snow in orange glow striped by shadows cast from tree trunks. The day wanes on the fresh innocence of […]

Writer’s Thursday (December Special)

Dear Rams and friends, Apologies from your careless blog editor, who was so excited to start off the ski season, she didn’t realise it was Wednesday. So, a day later, […]

Bristlecone Pine

A Poem by Chase Ambler The ancient Bristlecone stands gnarled and battered against the centuries. Each twist in its bark a memory of a fellow tree lost. The wildfire flames […]

Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler

Reverse Chronology Different than the use of flashback—which just shows one scene out of order—reverse chronology is a writing technique that flips the timeline of events completely. The opening scene […]

She Spoke Like Late Autumn

A Poem by Chase Ambler She spoke like late autumn reds oranges yellows once fireballs lining streets casting golden hues below long fallen from shivering limbs now trodden in November […]

Writer’s Wednesday: Magical Realism

Really Magical Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler The concept of magical realism is very interesting to me. Magical realism is a style of fiction that holds two competing concepts: the […]

Scaling Together

A poem by Chase Ambler                   Scaling Together Born in the forest stream, You played among the young Saplings of aspen groves. […]