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Category: Inspire Readers

Highlighted Author: Chase Pifer

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PW: James Patterson Aids School Libraries

Are you a student who cringes when you enter the school library and see someone on social media or flipping through a magazine on their kindle, instead of getting lost in a […]

Two Stags

 A poem by Chase Ambler ~ Reflection ~ I’ve always been enamored with the sight of wildlife in the cemetery behind my mother’s house. The dichotomy of lost life and […]

The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

Witches, dragons, and Jeff Bridges. There are a lot of entertaining elements in the new film Seventh Son. Unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly been pulling in glowing reviews which won’t just […]

In the Orange Sunset

 A poem by Chase Ambler ~ Reflection ~ The planet is one living, breathing organism. We are but one species in a vast world of life. Yet, we humans often […]

Destined to Be a Classic

Wonder by R.J. Palacio A book review by Christopher Moore   Plot: 20/20 The story centers around August “Auggie” Pullman; a ten-year-old boy with a terrible facial abnormality who wants […]

Night Guard

 A poem by Chase Ambler                                                   […]

The Art of Character Development

By Emily Alvarez Characters are the glue of every story. I say this because, well, in reality they are the reason a reader will read past chapter one. Without interesting […]

Bustle: 11 Books to Read After College

I know what you’re thinking… I just got done reading an endless amount of text from a never-ending college degree. Just slap yourself in the face, like right now. As […]

Bangkok Beggars

 A poem by Chase Ambler Photo Credit: Dennis Thern ~ Reflection ~ It’s amazing to me how this poem started with one phrase and quickly blossomed into my favorite work. […]

Bold Pens

By A. Suiter Clarke It’s been a rough year for freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom to offend, freedom to work without being killed, freedom to protest, freedom to walk down the […]