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Category: Inspire Writers

Looking for New Contibutors

If you’re a writer or an avid reader, artist or creative professional, the odds are there is something you can do with the RRP Blog. We are looking for contributors […]

Writer’s Thursday (December Special)

Dear Rams and friends, Apologies from your careless blog editor, who was so excited to start off the ski season, she didn’t realise it was Wednesday. So, a day later, […]

Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler

Reverse Chronology Different than the use of flashback—which just shows one scene out of order—reverse chronology is a writing technique that flips the timeline of events completely. The opening scene […]

Writer’s Wednesday: Magical Realism

Really Magical Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler The concept of magical realism is very interesting to me. Magical realism is a style of fiction that holds two competing concepts: the […]

Summer Events!

Hi Rams! There are a lot of exciting things happening on the blog in the coming months. First off we have all new poetry from Chase Ambler starting this Friday. […]

Writer’s Wednesday: Primal Practice

Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler It’s always easy to slip back into narrating like yourself when writing. If the character you’re narrating from is not yourself then try to stay away from […]

Writer’s Wednesday: Setting It Up

  Writer’s Wednesday with Chase Ambler   Setting It Up Take any short scene you have lying around and place it in three different settings that are drastically different. Notice how much […]

Writing Comedy

By Emily Alvarez I love writing comedy. I love to laugh and I equally love making other people laugh. It’s so uplifting and can turn a horrible day into one […]

Hemidactylus Frenatus

 A poem by Chase Ambler He called me Chichak, watched me hunt around the light bulb. He inspected ceilings, walls, closet doors, and found no ropes, no wires, no strings— […]