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Category: Inspire Writers

I am Your Fingertips

Originally posted on Kristin E. Bergene:
River Ram Press: Weekly Writing Prompt… ‘Write a letter to someone, or something, that’s been trapped in your mind, be it fictional or personal.’…

Writing through Hospitalizations

By Emily Glossner Johnson Every day, many people with a variety of ailments go to the hospital for treatment. For this reason, I should not be ashamed to write that […]

Become a Highlighted Author for The Ram Boutique

The Ram Boutique plans to start a new wave of academic, literary journals. A sassy, aesthetically pleasing and clever combination of words, art, and design, with many opportunities to incorporate other artistic […]

Grief and Loss in YA Fiction

by A. Suiter Clarke Just last night I watched a television show where a woman gets in a freak bus accident after leaving her house to help her drunk friend […]

Story of the Month: Carol Forrester

As we round out the summer months here in North America, RRP welcomes the talented Carol Forrester and her piece “Glorious Silence”. In this shorter piece – but not any […]

A Dystopian Legend Scores Highly

Legend by Marie Lu A book review by Christopher Moore   Plot: 20/20 The plot revolves around two characters: June, who works for the Republic and Day, the Republic’s most […]

Different Forms of Storytelling

By Jenna Byers So I’m sure you all know there’s more than one way to tell a story. You can actually tell it to an audience, you can make it […]

What is New Adult Fiction

by Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq I first came across this term, “New Adult” fiction, in early 2013 while researching book bloggers (i.e. what they do, what their sites look like, how they […]