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Category: Writing & Mental Health: Emily Glossner Johnson

Writing through Hospitalizations

By Emily Glossner Johnson Every day, many people with a variety of ailments go to the hospital for treatment. For this reason, I should not be ashamed to write that […]

Writing and the Bipolar States of Mind

How can bipolar states of mind affect writing? A question asked by our regular guest writer Emily Glossner Johnson. The name bipolar disorder suggests that the disorder consists of only […]

A Sense of Place in a Bipolar World

by: Emily Glossner Johnson Bipolar disorder has taken me to places to which many people have never been. I’ve been hospitalized four times at two different hospitals and in a […]

Creating Mentally Ill Characters

By Emily Glossner Johnson As a person with bipolar disorder, I’m drawn to mental health issues and characters with mental illness in literature. As a writer, I often create characters […]