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Tag: Barnes & Noble Review

Barnes & Noble Review: Funny Girl

    Comic relief always offers relief to the stresses of everyday life. Author Nick Hornby offers a fantastic masterpiece peppered with the ups and downs of the British entertainment […]

Barnes & Noble Review: Academy Street

Not all novels need to be long in order to deliver an unforgettable story. Academy Street is Mary Costello’s first novel and it’s finding much success in the book business! Check out […]

B&N: Hungarian Fiction comes to America

Reading works by writers from a different part of the world from you are often the most eye-opening experience you can have without having to leave the room. This article […]

Barnes & Noble Review: Why Homer Matters

I know what you’re thinking. You are looking at the title, mumbling to yourself OMG, I seriously cannot read Homer anymore. I am not reliving grade school! Not to worry for this […]